The David B. Jones Foundation

The David B. Jones foundation is governed by a board of directors serving three-year terms.  These directors make the final decision on all grant applications.

Grant Guidelines

Application Deadline:

Applications may be sent at any time throughout the fiscal year for consideration.

Who May Apply:

The David B. Jones foundation makes grants to qualified 501 (c)(3) charitable organizations that address the foundation’s mission in paleontology.

The foundation makes grants in the following forms:

• One-Time grants: single-year grants used for a specific purpose.
• Multiyear grants: commitments for funding a project or program to be paid in increments over a period of time no longer than five years.
• Start-Up Program grant: encourage and support the development of a new program.
• Challenge or Matching grants: require the recipient to provide a percentage of the funding to implement their project or program.

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How to Apply:

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Grant Requirements:

If your grant request is accepted you will be required to submit the following:

1. Organizations receiving funds must provide a certified statement that the funds received from the foundation have been used for the purpose intended.  This statement, which must be signed by the nonprofit’s accounting firm and chief financial officer must be filed with the foundation no later than 18 months after the date such funds are awarded.

2. Awardees must submit a short project or program summary and photo upon completion. News releases and press clippings would also be appropriate.

You will receive a link via email to complete these steps electronically approximately 12 months after the grant is issued.