Past Recipients

David B. Jones Interns @ Ashfall State Park, Royal, NE

The David B. Jones foundation grant helped to support interns at the Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park in Royal, Nebraska in the summer of 2009.  The student interns developed skills in excavation and preparation technique, as well as enhanced their abilities as interpreters for the thousands of visitors that came to view the fossil skeletons.

Timber Lake, South Dakota Students “Dino Dig” Project

The David B. Jones foundation grant helped to support an annual trip by the Timberlake second graders to see the dinosaur display at the Black Hills Institute in Hill City, South Dakota.  During the institute tour, students learned about prehistoric dinosaurs, saw how fossils are removed from the rock that helped preserve them and how delicate tools are used in the removal process.  They also saw how real fossil bones were prepared to eventually become gigantic plastic models.

Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology

The David B. Jones foundation grant helped to support student research and public outreach at the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology in Claremont, California.   Students took a summer trip to Utah where they excavated a baby duck-billed dinosaur skeleton.  Then in the fall the students took their research and presented it at a conference in Pittsburg, PA.   The grant also subsidized a public outreach program which included off-site presentations, junior paleontology classes, and educator workshops.

Tate Geological Museum- Casper College

The David B. Jones foundation grant helped to support the building of and work to the Ice Age Exhibit at the Tate Geological Museum in Casper, Wyoming.

Ghost Ranch’s Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology, Abiquiu, NM

The David B. Jones foundation grant helped the Ghost Ranch’s Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology  in Abiquiu, New Mexico to update and improve paleontology exhibits with new fossils discovered at the Ghost Ranch, conduct an educator’s training workshop so that they might better understand how to incorporate the Museum into their instruction, and develop outreach material.

A T. Rex Named Sue - Kirby Science Discovery Center

The David B. Jones foundation grant helped to bring SUE who is the largest, most complete, Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered to the Kirby Science Discovery Center. The exhibit was a great experience particularly for the youth that visit the center regularly. It gave them the opportunity to stand up close to the real bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex triggering the imagination of seeing them roaming the earth years ago. Seeing exhibits like this can be the very thing that gets a young person interested in geology which is at the heart of the David B. Jones foundation’s mission!

Anthropology/Archeology Department - Augustana University, Sioux Falls, SD

The David B. Jones foundation has gifted Augustana University with $1,000,000 dollars to endow a chair in the name of David B. Jones in the Anthropology/Archeology Department.

This grant will allow Augustana University to always have a tenured Professor in the Archelogy/Anthropology department that will carry on David’s passion in archeology. The funds will help pay for the salary of the Professor, field work and general administrative expenses of the department. This gift creates an enduring legacy in David’s name. This professorship, to be endowed in perpetuity, will both provide financial stability to Augustana’s programs, and recognize David’s quest for knowledge, love of teaching young people, and passion for paleontology and archeology.